Your Survival guide to Vrogos the Underlord (PORTFOLIO)

This article was written the day after Vrogos the Underlord was announced as a new Dota hero.

In order to write the article, I watched several Warcraft 3 replays featuring Pit Lord & analyzed what worked best situationally.
I also had to extrapolate a lot based on the current meta and make educated guesses to how Valve would rework the character to better suit modern Dota. I’m quite satisfied with how accurate my estimates ended up being.

9 Dota Mechanics You’ve Never Heard of (PORTFOLIO)

“Technically correct” is the best kind of correct. This article was a lot of fun to write and required a lot of investigating/verifying various forum rumors.

I’ve always loved stats, mechanics, spreadsheets and analyzing what most people never think of when they play a game.
My goal was to translate “boring” numbers & choices the programmers made into fun facts that are entertaining to the average player.

This Was Dota in 2002 : Part 1 of the MOBA Evolution (PORTFOLIO)

The following article was written for Unfortunately, I never had the opportunity to continue this series. In preparation for this article, I did extensive research on the early Dota scene and analyzed how other games in the genre developed concurrently.

I even went to the extent of located & reaching out to several community figures from the early 2000s, who personally knew Pendragon & Icefrog back in the day. These interviews were some of my personal favorites and provided a rich contextual background regarding the history of MOBAs.