1k player actually 4k, punished by Valve with unusual teammates

In 2017, Walmart employee “MacroMan” was happy with his life. DotA 2 quickly became one of his favorite hobbies.In 2018, everything changed. After angering Valve employees by refusing to apply an expired coupon to a set of towels, MacroMan was unfairly targeted by an exploit in the matchmaking system allowing Valve to target specific players […]

Breaking News: Person In Planetside 2 Command Chat Isn’t Annoying

“I can’t believe people are still in Tumas.” A platoon leader shares in disgust after a 15 minute long passive aggressive rant blaming other squadron leaders for not packing up their fights and relocating to a location that cannot be captured. “I can’t believe it it’s not butter.” a WildCards member replies. In times like […]

Top 5 Games That Scared The Shit Out of My Rabbits

An inconclusive list of some of the top games that scared the shit out of my rabbits. Jackson bravely recovering from being subjected to listening to vroom vroom noises through my headset Grand Theft Auto V  Grand Theft Auto V is arguably the most terrifying game in existence. It features unforgiving driving sounds that heighten during […]

To The Moon – Review in a Nutshell

This story-driven adventure is becoming a fantastic ambassador for games published with beginner-friendly engines. Congratulations to Freebird Games on the announcement of the To The Moon feature film! First impressions When I tried out To The Moon, I was a little skeptical at first. First off, the game was produced with RPG Maker XP– when […]