“I can’t believe people are still in Tumas.” A platoon leader shares in disgust after a 15 minute long passive aggressive rant blaming other squadron leaders for not packing up their fights and relocating to a location that cannot be captured.

“I can’t believe it it’s not butter.” a WildCards member replies. In times like these, you wish that gaming journalists still had their eyes on this almost ancient MMOFPS title. This is the most successful communication made through command chat in over four years.

On January 31st, DayBreak Games employees made the following announcement: “We’re starting to realize that as a company, we’ve made some mistakes as of late when it comes to retaining our playerbase. Some of our choices in the development cycle come as a surprise to veteran players, and we’d like to take steps to stop alienating some of the folks who have been with us from the very beginning.”
“We’ve long been denying that command chat is a mistake.” Planetside Dev shares after playing on Connery server for the first time. “We had no idea just how bad it was, until we decided to play the game ourselves. I’m very sorry that our community members have had to deal with this situation since release. We’ll be investigating our dev team to determine who exactly approved command chat in the first place.”

“We’re also planning on allowing players to import lists from the rest of the community, to help mute players who don’t add anything of substance to the community.” He adds. Fifteen lists have been shared within 2 hours of this announcement, suspected to have been premade in advance by employees who have playtested the game. Daybreak declined to comment on why these lists contain, at minimum, three times as many players as the servers can support.

“I want to share the greatest gift among mankind- a pastebin list of all players who should be muted in command chat.” A veteran from Planetside 1 shares gleefully. A small religion has begun to form around this player. PlanetSilencers, they call themselves, charge between 15-20$ CAD to log onto customer’s accounts and apply this list.
Although manually muting every name on the list takes over 150 hours, the members feel discounting their rates heavily allows for everyone in the community to afford this service. “It’s the right thing to do,” he adds.

Many PlanetSilencers members have quit their jobs, electing instead to live in small, broken down RV parks across the nation, subsiding entirely off of their newfound charitable cause. “I think I’ve finally found my life’s calling,” one player we interviewed states. “You know how back in 0 BC, or some shit, people were all, “hey this Jesus guy is pretty chill, we should worship him and shit?” Yeah, we basically feel the same way as Buddhist monks, or antivaxxers. This is the work that we’ve been meaning to do on Earth. We’re genuinely helping people lead better lives.”

It should be noted that Whale Sounds Guy has yet to included in any published global mute list.

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