Your Survival guide to Vrogos the Underlord (PORTFOLIO)

This article was written the day after Vrogos the Underlord was announced as a new Dota hero. In order to write the article, I watched several Warcraft 3 replays featuring Pit Lord & analyzed what worked best situationally. I also had to extrapolate a lot based on the current meta and make educated guesses to […]

9 Dota Mechanics You’ve Never Heard of (PORTFOLIO)

“Technically correct” is the best kind of correct. This article was a lot of fun to write and required a lot of investigating/verifying various forum rumors. I’ve always loved stats, mechanics, spreadsheets and analyzing what most people never think of when they play a game. My goal was to translate “boring” numbers & choices the […]

This Was Dota in 2002 : Part 1 of the MOBA Evolution (PORTFOLIO)

The following article was written for Unfortunately, I never had the opportunity to continue this series. In preparation for this article, I did extensive research on the early Dota scene and analyzed how other games in the genre developed concurrently. I even went to the extent of located & reaching out to several community […]