More about me! 😀 (the human behind Bella)

Hi there! In real life, I'm Esmée. I'm a 22 year old variety streamer from Montreal, Canada.
I've been working in esports since I was 15 😀
I'm also part of the Ubisoft Canada Guild and a Ubisoft Canada ambassador! I stream a variety of games since I'm drowning in my backlog (roughly 2,000 steam games).
I have two fantastic pet bunnies that you might see hopping around if I do IRL streams 🙂

Gaming background:

  • I started gaming at age 4 (my dad's WoW account, NA beta).
  • Competitive Tribes Ascend ladders around 11-12
  • I played my first DotA 2 tournament at 13 and started streaming a few of them since (keep in mind these were small leagues and T2 tournaments, I'm not a pro by any means!).

Speedrunning and achievement hunting

  • Speedrunning: 3 games on Twitch so far (Portal, Portal 2 and The Forest)
  • Completed (100% achievement) 30 games and counting live on stream.
  • I took a long break from achievement hunting but returned to it recently, so you can expect to see a lot of hunting streams here 😀

Click here for my astats! I'll be updating my rank in chat regularly as I clear more games 😉


  • I do a few programming streams here and there, mostly tinkering with single board computers.
  • My next projects will be home automation and creating a motion-activated LED snowboard 😀

What do you do in esports?

  • Broadcast production!
  • I also run tournaments for Prism Esports 🙂
  • I'm part of the Ubisoft Canada Guild, ambassador for Ubisoft Canada 😀
  • I sometimes TO tournaments when the homies call

-> I'm trilingual so feel free to speak to me in French, English or Spanish 🙂

-> Huge weeb, do with that information what you will