Bella Odyssevs

“Too scuffed to be an idol.”

Birthday: June 2nd

Height: 5’3″ (and a half)

Age: ??? 

Nationality: ???

A teenage deliquent turned wanna-be idol. Bella can’t seem to figure out why she can never pass an audition– or get a job. Still, she persists. She spends her days locked up in her room, playing video games. 

Terminally online.

Likes: Cute things, rain, girls (will never get a girlfriend), anime, squids, knives

Dislikes: Dota 2 (trapped in a love-hate cycle), loud noises, pants 

Favorite games: EverQuest 2, Sleeping Dogs, Nekopara

Genres: RPGs, MOBAs, MMORPGs, FPS, Gacha, Horror

Favorite anime: Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka?

Favorite drink: Green tea (consumes enough caffeine and stimulants to stun a horse on a daily basis in order to function)

Hobbies: Fixating on fictional characters to the point of unhealthy obsession, collecting merch, commissioning art, then promptly forgetting they exist and moving on to the next mark. Collecting body pillows. Achievement hunting. Shitposting on Twitter. Street racing. Forklifts.

Fun fact: Is OSHA certified (Certified Occupational Safety Specialist & Safety And Health Official), however, flagrantly ignores OSHA regulations “because I’m not bitchless” *

* Is, in fact, completely “bitchless”.